Water Filtration

The source of our water is from the aquifer located underground and pumped from our two major wells located at Sandusky Road and Lavender Lane.  This water is safe to drink and use and is in compliance with the various water quality standards.  However, the water has a high Manganese and Iron mineral content. This mineral content sometimes causes the water to have a dark color, and is one of the reasons we have regularly scheduled system flushing.

While WWWA is constantly seeking out new filtering methods to install in our reservoirs that would be both cost-effective and efficient the current reality is that to reduce or eliminate this color problem requires the use of a filtration device installed in your home. Following are some examples of such filtration systems that are in use by many WWWA members:


This is a cartridge filter system that is installed at the start of your water pipe before the water enters your house.  This system will greatly reduce the dark color in your water.  It is easy to install and easy to change the filter cartridges.  The cost of this type of system is $150.00 and up including the cost of installation. These filters are usually installed just ahead of a water softener which, if used with the iron-reducing salt, also goes a long way to reducing any discoloration.


These devices are installed at a single faucet and will improve the color and taste of the water.  This device is relatively easy to install and easy to change the cartridge filters.  They cost $50.00 and up.


Reverse osmosis devices are available to be installed at a single faucet or for the entire house. They provide clear and clean water. They tend to be “pricey” with the single faucet type costing $100.00 and more. For the entire house RO system the cost would be well over $1,000.00 installed.


Water softeners eliminate issues caused by hard water inside your home. Not all water is hard, but you know if you have it. Dissolved minerals found in hard water can clog drains, build scale in pipes, and make your appliances less efficient. It also affects the quality of your laundry and the lather of soaps in your showers. You can solve these problems by adding a water softener system to your home.

To see some examples of popular water softeners, click here.

It is not WWWA’s intention to promote any device, product, plumber, or retail store. We only want to provide our members with information on the various water filtration devices available. Any pricing mentioned for these systems are estimates and your cost may vary depending on your situation.

Also, see the below video “How to Choose a Water Filter”: